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– Do you need help finding your roots?

-Do you need help translating record documents?

-Discovering the names and surnames  of your ancestors?

-Do you want to find out in what region they lived?

-Do you what to know  what kind of outfits they wore/ what kind of traditions they followed? 


About my experience:

I have been passionate about genealogy for over ten years.

Over the years , I have been learning how to find ancestors, how to recreate a family tree. At the time, I indexed  about 60 000 birth, marriages and deaths certificates written in Polish, Russian and Latin.

About 1500 translation (birth, marriages and deaths certificates) from Russian and  Polish and into English.

I managed to discover not only my own roots, but also the roots of many people from Poland and from around the world.

My greatest pride is finding ancestors for the Baranek family, whose members fought for independence of Poland. The Baranek family survived the Volynian Massacre, were deported to Siberia, fought in General Anders army, were pilots in the ranks of the RAF, survived wandering thought many countries like India, Iran, Pakistan, to finally settle in the US and Great Britain. One of the heroes of this family, gave  his life on the Italian soil. The roots of the Baranek family are near Miechów. Baranek family



Another success is finding the ancestors of the Kałwa family, currently living in the USA. and coming from the vicinity of Szreniawa. Among them, Maciej Kałwa,  the hero of January Uprising, 1863. Kałwa’s ancestors lived in the area of Szreniawa at the beginning of the 17th century. photo from Szreniawa


I was also very pleased with the search for the Pasiak family, currently living in the USA, whose roots I discovered in the former Galicia, the Łętownia and Nowa Sarzyna district.

Pasiak family


Another big discovery is the finding of the ancestors for the Kobylec family, one of it’s members, after the route traveled in the Brygada Strzelców Karpackiech / Carpatian Riffle Brigade, settled in Tasmania. Kobylec family  also have their roots in the area of Miechów.

The places from which I conducted my research, can be found on the map. research map





contact: feltingparadiseart @ gmail.com

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