Szreniawa, county Miechów

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Unique photos are the most enjoyable ones. 

I received this photo from Mrs. Agata, whose ancestors lived in the Szreniawa parish.

koloGospodynWiejskich - Copy
Szreniawa, county Miechów, 1930, Paris community

A beautiful photo from around 1930, according to the photo owner, Circle of Country Housewives in Szreniawa, which belongs to the community of Charsznica, county Miechów.

On the picture, sitting on a bench with a black hat on his head, a Parish priest from Szreniawa, Jan Bochenek.

A tall man on the right side of the photo is most likely an organist or a person working at the parish in Szreniawa.

Just behind the woman holding the cake (or is it a yeast woman?), standing  Franciszka Wołkowska née Rychwał, born in 1899, she died in 1935

The photo shows 29 people, including 4 men and 24 women in different ages and one girl. Only one of these women has no bandanna on her head.

In the background the photo shows the roof crowning the chapel.

In front of this chapel in the 80s of the twentieth century, after the fire of the church there was a devotion.
I hope that the publication of this photo will allow you to get to know the history of the Housewives’ Association from Szreniawa, as well as people associated with Szreniawa.

Any information that can help in identifying people will be very helpful. 

I invite you to contact me.



Ania B.-M

sources: A photo from the family collection Agata to granddaughter Franciszka Wołkowska née Rychwał 


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