Chester, West Virginia, Jeżowe, Galicia, Stories hidden in photography

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What is hidden in the photographs we keep in old boxes, envelopes or old bags?

I encourage you to look at family albums and re-discover the stories of people in these photographs.

Today, I was looking through a section of collections about a family from south-eastern Poland from Jeżowe  and Groble (South-East, Poland)



The oldest man in the photo Karol Mścisz, born in Jeżowe, Andrzej’s son (Jędrzej) Mścisz and Agnieszka nee Drelich


Karol Mscisz -Carl Metz with his family a photo taken most probably in Chester, Hancock, West Virginia, USA a photo of the relatives of Jeżowe, photo taken no later than in December 1962

Children  of Karol and Józefa:

Michael G. Mścisz Metz

John Mścisz Metz

Andrew? Mścisz

Julian Mścisz Metz

Paulina Mscisz Metz- wife of Carl Karol Słodziński

Frances Josephine Mścisz Metz -Edwin Szetela 
Mary Josephine Mścisz Metz- wife of Cecil Charles McGraw

Katharine Mścisz Metz wife of Chema Paul

Information about the descendants of Mścisz from Jeżowe, who immigrated to the USA, I have managed to establish through the Ellis Island website (information about Karol Mścisz), while the information about his American part of the family I have found by searching the websites. The photographs above, were sent by the relatives of Karol to the relatives remaining in Poland.


Karol Mścisz Metz and his wife Józefa nee Strong (?)



Karol Mścisz / Metz had a brother Jan (1871-1954) 


Jan Mścisz


Karol’s sisters were:

Agnieszka, born about 1870 she married Stanisław Iskra, 1896

Marianna born in 1882 she married Chmura

Franciszka born in 1885


 Karol Mścisz (30/03/1877-1963), Andrzej Mścisz (1923-1947) and Józef Mścisz (1888-1926)

karol msc

karol m

rodzinne Antoni i Stefania Jezowe kopia.jpg

  Stefania niece of Karol Mscisz (oldest in the picture) with family – Jeżowe, ca. 1955 




1 Maria Pasiak i Antoni Mscisz 1933.jpeg

Antoni Pasiak son of Jędrzej (Andrzej) and his wife Maria nee Pasiak , photo from 1933





photo found on the web – shows a group of musicians, Jeżowe village

I encourage everyone to take care of photographs, scan them and also describe them (people, surnames, when they could be taken and where).

author: Ania Bernat-Mścisz



 Ellis Island

Photo from cemetery Jeżowe  click

cemetery  Hancock click

 Polish version click


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