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Baranek from Miechów

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Five years have passed in January, since the time when Ania from the Baranek family has contacted me for the first time and asked for help in finding the baptism documents regarding her grandfather Wincenty Baranek.

This is how Ania Urban Baranek remembers that time today:

Well, it’s been years. I have a fresh memory of this evening when, after 7 years of my helplessness, together with Ula you have bombarded me with metrics. I remember asking for the baptism of my grandfather and I have received so much, that I could not stop feeling overwhelmed. With tears in my eyes, I barely had time to read one before new e-mails arrived.

In the record books from Miechów the name of the Baranek appears often. After a few intense months of searching the data, a really magnificent tree of the Baranek and relatives from the early XIX century could be arranged.

The oldest member of this family found was Mathia Maciej / Mateusz Baranek. So far, it has not been possible to find an entry regarding his baptism or birth, but one can assume that he was born in the first years of the 18th century. In October 1733, his son Łukasz was born in the village of Biskupice, whose godparents were Kazimierz Zychowicz and Regina Bielecka. The baptism was given by priest Szymon Ogonowski.

The family tree of the Baranek is very branched. Creating it was quite a challenge for me. Thanks to the great support of Ula Pogoń and cooperation with Ania Maria  Baranek, we have managed to unravel a lot of ambiguities and puzzles about kinship and affinity.

Łukasz Baranek married Magdalena nee Bogacz, who was born in Pstroszyce.

Łukasz and Magdalena had three sons: Grzegorz, Tomasz and Józef and five daughters: Katarzyna, Łucja, Regina, Marianna and Agnieszka.

In order to arrive at the current living descendants of the family of the Baranek family from the area of ​​Miechów, I have created several, I hope more legible charts than basic information.

The following presentation presents family ties between Emilia, born in today’s Ukraine, daughter of Franciszek Baranek and Marianna née Byczek and  Baranek family murdered on 15 and 16 March 1943 in Siedliska for hiding a Jewish family.

Baranek, family tree, Miechów


 The next presentation shows the links between the lines of Wojciech Baranek and Franciszek Baranek (born in 1811) and also Franciszek Baranek (born 1929) and the descendants of his two wives Marianna nee Cegła  and Katarzyna nee Włodarczyk.  

Baranek, family tree, Miechów 


In the census of 1790-1791, I was able to find a family of Łukasz Baranek who lived in one of the cottages in Pstroszyce

census  1790-1791, Pstroszyce village, Miechów

Pstroszyce house number 4, a semi-agricultural homestead was listed

Host Łukasz Baranek, 52 years old

Magdalena Bogacz (Bogaczka), 38 years old

Grzegorz – son, 19 years old

Józef – son, 13 year old

Katarzyna/Catherine – daughter, 8 years old 

Łucja/Lucia – daughter, 3 years old 

Tomasz – son, 8 weeks 

Regina, the sister of the host, a bailiff of 48 years (sister of Gregory 48 y old)


The deductions show that Tomasz Baranek was born on December 12, 1790, so it can be assumed that the list was made at the beginning of February 1791.

My ancestor Wojciech Krzykawski lived at number 5 with his wife Regina Kaczmarczyk (Karczmarczonka)(my 6 x great-grandparents) and son Sebastian Krzykawski. Baranek and Krzykawski family were therefore next door neighbors. More about my ancestors here.

Posterity on the lines of Grzegorz Baranek and Józef Baranek live today, inter alia, in Sławice, Miechów, Sosnowiec, Będzin, Gliwice, UK, US

Baranek tree
Baranek , family tree, Miechów region
photo from 1909 or 1910, Baranek family, photo from Anna Urban Baranek

In the photo Wincenty Baranek (born in 1874), together with his wife Anna Sobaczyk (black dress). On the right side of the photo stands Anna’s older sister, born in the Lisów parish. On the left side of the picture – in a white dress – stands daughter Anna born in Miechów. Then daughters Maria, Franciszka and Zofia born in Sosnowiec, and sons (in the chair of Wincenty Baranek) Jan and Stanisław.

Children have zinnia flowers in their hands. They are also dressed in summer clothes, which may suggest that the photograph was taken in the months between June and September.

As the granddaughter of Wincenty-Anna recalls, my grandfather’s chair remained in the family for a long time after the his death.

A few mounts ago,  thanks to the result from DNA research made for genealogy purposes, I have managed to establish contact with descendants of Franciszek Baranek (1898 Siedliska / Miechów / Polska– 1944 Ancona / Italy). His daughter, Emilia, is the author of memories published in 2007 under the title: 

„Emilia and the Second World War ” by Emilia Niesluchowska 

A story written by life.
Recently, I have made contact with the descendants of Baranek from the area of Miechów. It is difficult to describe in one sentence how strong of an impression on me had the history of this family …
Only a few people in Miechów and the surrounding areas realize, that some of them are descendants or related to the Baranek family which lived in this area already in the early 18th century.  



The fates of this part of the Baranek family have led them through many towns, many countries and several continents. 


Baranek WW2 Travel Map
map made by Kurt – Emilia’s son in low 

The Baranek family is associated with many names appearing in the region of Miechów.

Most of the name releted with the Baranek name are:

Bogacz, Byczek, Bujak, Bielawski

Cegła, Chwastek,

Dela, Dudek ,Dróżdż.




Kania, Kot, Kuler, Krzykawski, Kaydy/Kajdy. Kopeć, Kowal, Kański


Machejek, Małpa/ Małupa



Szaleniec, Szpak, Synowiec, Szarek, Sobczyk, Słota, Skoruch, Szwaja, Szostak/Siastka, Soczówka, Szydlewski, Szymański

Tomon, Toniarz,



Żur vel Żurek, Żak, 

I hope, that thanks to this entry you will be able to find even more affinities with the Baranek family. 


I will be very pleased if you – the dear reader –  share your insights with me.

I am waiting for your comments, and I invite you to contact me.


Ania Bernat-Mścisz

Polish version Baranki z Miechowa

Traditional outfit from Miechów Traditional outfit, Miechów Region

Traditional outfit, Miechów region, Małopolska

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Former patterns embroidered, painted, sawn or otherwise woven into traditional outfit is a very interesting topic for many people, especially for enthusiasts of regional studies, genealogists, historians, ethnographers, and also people associated with the world of fashion.

Pictures from many years ago show us how old style-costumes looked and also other everyday clothes.

The picture below presents two maids in folk stables from the Małopolska region, near Miechów. The girls are wearing fancy shoes and clothes embroidered with sequins. On the serdak (woman’s vest ) of the girl on the right side of the photo, a bursa is visible at the bottom of the corset. Serdakiare cross-linked patterns spread evenly on both sides of the outfit.

Black headscarves tied at the back are visible on the heads of both of the maidens. The girls are dressed in white shirt blouses. Several corals are hanging from both of their necks. Both have flowery skirts. The maiden on the right side of the picture, has bright skirts with floral prints. Both have light, lightweight aprons on the top of the skirt with 4 rows of ribbons sewn across the bottom of the apron.

The photo can be published thanks to Basia from Podlesice. It was kept in the collections of her ancestors from Podleśna Wola near Miechów. The picture may present the people from the family named Duda and Machejek.

It might have been taken in the 20s of the twentieth century.

Podleśna Wola, county Miechów, traditional outfit 20th, XX century
stroj dziecko rodzice
Family from Podleśna Wola, Miechów County

Another picture shows a family with a several-year-old child. The picture could have been taken in the summer months, for example in a home garden. The woman is wearing a costume from the 20s. Dress with pleats running from top to bottom, sleeves reaching the elbows, a white bow under the neck . The dress is sewn with a belt made of the same material. Dark hair, smoothly combed around the head.

A girl with light hair, about five years old, is wearing a folk costume. A prominent „serdak” with wallets, embroidered with embroidery and embroidered with sequins. Several rows of corals can be seen on the child and reach down to the waist. The girl has a white blouse with sleeves stopping just below her elbows. At the bottom of her outfit light stocking and a darker skirt underneath are visible.

A man dressed in a dark single-breasted suit with a vest, a white shirt and a tie.

I hope, I will be able to show even more photos such as the ones shown above. I hope that together, we will determine who are the people presented on these photo campaigns. Although they were created almost one hundred years ago, they are still able to impress not one enthusiast of regionalism, genealogy, … but also many other fields.

The folk costume, which I have made by myself.


Ania B.-M.

Copies of souvenir photos from 100 years ago thanks to the kindness of Basia from Podlesice.